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How do you make things better than good and great? That is what we’re all about at Greater Goods. At first glance, we may seem a straightforward home goods, lifestyle brand, but nothing could be further from the truth.

We think what makes us so special is the way we execute a vision that goes beyond making and selling things. Our small team—made up of designers, coders, artists, etc.—collaborate to make the best products for home and the best experiences around those products. 

Through the cohesive implementation of our products, technology, and content, we want to create communities around common interests. 

First, we want you to get the very best version of a product from us, whether it’s a new toy for the kitchen or an innovative device that reimagines monitoring health from home. 

Second, we want to ensure that if you have any problems or questions about any of our products, that we’re easy to reach, there for you, and find a solution. 

Then, we get to what we see as the real fun part: through the combination of our technology and content—and the way they interact with our products—we hope to create a real, active community. A practical example might work better; we don’t just want to make the best kitchen scale you ever owned, we want to help you become an expert at using that scale: whether it is through recipes in our app or videos on our youtube channel. We want you to share your experiences with others using the same community features. We want to revolutionize what it means to be a lifestyle brand. We want us and you and everyone else in the Greater Goods community to help make each other better.

Finally, to make the world better, we feel the calling to use our resources and skills to empower others in places with lesser means and opportunities to do the same. You can find some videos on our Youtube page about projects we’ve participated in to make this a reality and the charities that we partner with.