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Premium Coffee Scale (Birch white)

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Excellent coffee scale. It’s compact and the rubber coating make it easy clean.

A Greater Goods Customer
Cameron SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

****** how good this scale is

I’ve been getting into making better coffee over the past few months, and after I invested in a good grinder (the Baratza Encore ESP), using a cheap kitchen scale wasn’t cutting it anymore. I didn’t want to spend heaps on a fancy brand-name scale, and I came across this one: it’s plastic, sure, but looked to have a great feature set plus a silicone cover. I’ve had it for just over a month now. What I didn’t expect was the SENSITIVITY. I was making some pour over sitting on a stool at our kitchen table and the scale was changing 0.1g readings rapidly as I measured out the grounds. Up, down, up, down… at first I thought the scale might be poorly calibrated, but then I realized I was lightly shaking my leg, which was lightly shaking the stool, which was lightly shaking the floor, which was lightly shaking the table, which, finally, was lightly shaking the scale. WOW. Moving to a solid countertop made the problem go away, and, moreover, left a great impression about the speed and accuracy of this thing. Since then, I’ve started making espresso, and although the other reviewer’s comment about the scale’s height stands (it’s a tight fit even under a bottomless portafilter on my little De’Longhi), it measures out shots INCREDIBLY well since it updates so quickly. It’s also nice to be able to spill a little on it without worrying too much about getting liquid in the electronics; there’s a lip under the scale bed to protect them, unlike most baking/standard kitchen scales. The silicone mat is a great addition since making any sort of coffee can be messy business. Comes off easily and attaches securely. The timer/stopwatch interface is decent, though it would be nice to have an easier way to switch between one and the other. Multiple timers would also be handy, but it does at least save the last timer setting. The timer beeps at the right volume for just the right amount of time — you won’t want to yell at it to stop from the living room. Overall, really recommend this for anyone wanting to upgrade from a standard kitchen scale to an honest to goodness coffee scale. I’ll be using it daily for the foreseeable future.

Jonathan S.
United States United States

Affordable Accuracy

This scale offers all of the features of higher prices scales. I use it while roasting coffee beans, then while making pour over coffee. I use it to pre measure our coffee beans onto 18 gram portions. My only wish would be that the scale was just a bit thinner. This would allow me to use it while preparing espresso. The height of the scale prevents me from using anything larger than an espresso cup under the portafilter. Even when using a bottomless portafilter. But overall a great scale at a fantastic price!

A Greater Goods Customer
William L.
United States United States

Fudged Weights - Inaccurate!

The software for this scale's digital readout rounds to the nearest 10.0 grams. The readout jumps from, for example 19.5 to 20.0, stays at 20.0 for a while, then jumps to 20.5 when slowly adding single coffee beans that weigh roughly 0.1 to 0.2 grams. Software for a scale should not have rounding hacks to make people feel like they miraculously measure exact multiples of 10.0 grams.

Ryan S.
United States United States